Thursday, May 19, 2016

To Stupidity and Happiness

Sometimes its so funny to see old pictures.  To see how ridiculous you looked.  Like yaa.  Nobody I know has said I looked so good back then and look at me so shitty now. College changes a little bit in everyone. But in all that stupid looking-ness, there is a reminder you know. That life was so simple then because you were so naive.  Everybody was so naive.  And you had this naive little world where people were honest and had petty fights.  Before everybody got infected with this tartar of negativity.  And suddenly it wasn't so simple anymore. Suddenly best friends wouldn't talk about what's affecting them anymore.  People realized it's better to hide what they feel.  You get touched by negative emotions in a way you don't want to and yet somehow feel powerless to stop it. People drift apart. Hearts break.  You have the responsibility of your future on your shoulders. Some learn not to trust the hard way. Becoming honest becomes somehow increasingly tough.   Growing up is important but all this seems so.. Sad.  It's unavoidable. I often wonder if everyone feels about it that way.  But still.  To silly floppy hair and outdated clothes. 


  1. with time changes everything ha?

  2. You learn more of your stupidity when you check your 5 year old Facebook updates. Good old naive times :P

    1. Yes of course. That memory thing. Lol. :P