Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Cupboard

So I was cleaning my cupboard today and I came across all the cards I have ever received and I did what I do every time I come across them - I stopped cleaning and started reading them. Let me tell you mom is the cutest. She has given us cards for every day that was made - birthday, daughters day, friendship day. Such cute things. Such cute designs.
Cards given by Apurva. So much effort. Plus they are evidence of how friendships mature over the years.
All my cousins and mama and mami. And my kaka and kaki and chickloos. Haha. And also my neighbours congratulating me for something I don't remember.
My sister gave me a card once with the cutest message on it.
Cards by my friends! Childish ones from childhood by my school friends. Pretty ones and even random ones by my college friends.
And of course my brother who doesn't believe in writing anything on cards. Like I could literally re-sell them.
So thank you guys! You've made me happy. When you gave them to me, for sure, and all the times I even seen them again since then.
I really don't know why the card culture had to die. It was one of the beSt things we had. I am trying to make it come back as well (of course there are certain people I know who still believe in cards). But it's tough tough tough to sit and actually make a card for all the people you care about. You'd be left making cards all the time! But seriously though. Yay. :D

I have even kept the original plastic Doodle came in. Just for the original Doodle smell! It's still there! :D

Also I was always a nerd. Like I found a book with random information on computers which was given to me in Class 4, my secret diary written in code whose key I didn't bother writing down and hence can't read anymore, all the questions I used to actually copy down (along with my sister I guess) from KBC. I remember saving a manual somewhere to learn foreign languages from it! Haha.
But the most precious of all, I found my "Inventor's Guide Book"! It's truly fantastic. I love love love that cute little booklet. Haha. Nerd and proud. B)

That's about it. Ending another unproductive day.
Good night world! :)


  1. I love making cards so much; (You might be aware of this habit of mine already) mom actually told me the other day to seriously take up Card-Making as a job.

    It would be the best profession though ^.^

    1. Yessssss. I specially remember that letter box thing and you octupy my mind one! :D
      Also, I guess Pooja is doing exactly that - making cards as a proper profession. :O

  2. Don't think the card culture will die anytime soon. Although, internet greetings ( wall posts ) have the upper hand now, cards will always be more special than em. Also, you never were a nerd :P

    1. It won't die but the number of cards exchanged have decreased significantly. So ya. :/
      And why would you way thattt?

    2. Aree nahi thi tum nerd :P You never fit the bill xD

    3. Okay, if you say so. I definitely thought I lacked the social skills. O.o