Monday, May 16, 2016

Her Life in Her Hands

She walked to the riverside. It was calm today. She liked to be alone when she talked to him. She deliberated for a few seconds.
She joked then - Are you mad that I threw away everything of yours after you left?
She alone chuckled. The reassurance she hoped for didn't come.

Before she could stop herself, the words came tumbling out.
She got angry and questioned him - Why did you leave? Why would you go? You had no right to make that decision.
Again, no reassurance came.

Finally, tears streaming down her cheeks she apologized, that she did realize that it wasn't a choice. She saw her tears ruining whatever she had been writing in that notebook of hers. Losing control, she flung it far away hoping it would fall into the water and just drift away. That notebook was the last evidence that something beautiful had existed. Earlier, when he did exist in flesh and blood they had left each other notes in that. And now? She was left pouring her heart out and talking and hoping.

She thrashed about and she pulled out the grass and she screamed and screamed.
The reassurance never came.

Finally exhausted from all the pain and tears, she looked up. The notebook had just stopped short of falling into the water. His reassurance had come. She smiled.

Picked it up again and tried.
Again, she wrote - I know why you went alone. You thought you'd be smart and reach first and just make me feel bad about how slow and lazy I am. Such an ass.

She walked back alone to her life, holding it in her hands.

PS - Sounded less cheesy-ish in my head.

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