Sunday, May 15, 2016

Everything but You.

I guess I kept thinking of all those times in my life. I don't remember what I exactly did or what I said or what somebody else did or what happened but I remember the environment. Everything but me and them. It's stuck like a picture in my head. In all of these, nothing/no one ever moves like they do in memories. However, these picture brings with it a certain sense of calm and comfort and that is how I will always remember them. Unblemished. I hope these never leave me even when I make newer pictures. Because, they felt so good. :)

Winter morning but wide awake
Warm sunshine filtering by the window next to you
Full stomachs
Lazy head downs
A rare day when you said what you thought
Left with the hope of a similar if not better tomorrow
And it felt good.

Scorching heat killing you outside
So you stepped inside to waste your time
Ordered a burger
No money for fries
Overstayed your welcome after dissecting your lives
Before you knew the sun set
Ultimately left because of the excess air conditioning
And it felt good,

Twenty four people in a room
With flowers and a cake
Celebrated a milestone
In a way the household never saw before
Loud voices and brightest of smiles
And it felt good.

Freezing nights
Can't keep an inch of your body outside
Curious questions and conversations
Shut up for fear of being caught awake on a school night
And it felt good.

A friend's home and bed
Sprawled across as if your own
Darkened room
Tedious work long forgotten
Excited minds and eyes working on some random plan
Discussions with another friend walking on the way home
Took a longer route just for some more time
And it felt good.

Collectively drowning in misery
The voice modulated lectures stopped making any sense
Constant wait for that momentary break to convey something that felt so urgent
Laughing like idiots
Playing under the sky
The enveloping feeling of togetherness
Because feeling lost alone is so much more miserable
And it felt good.