Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Don' you feel on some days that no matter what we do or say, we are all vulnerable inside?
We are all simple inside.
Just a beating heart.
It makes me smile.
All those defenses and all our anger.. It means nothing.

Its like I can almost see it. The most honest part of you pulsating - in my head it looks grey, like mercury - quivering, because all it wants to be is understood. For some reasons, we hide it away. Protect it from others sights. I know I would do it half the times.
Reminds me of the times I do let go and let it show. Let it free. Let it take the limelight. Let it plead unashamedly. Let it just be with teary eyes and attached expectations. Scary. Beautiful, Free.
According to me, these days come unexpectedly. Sometimes, from unexpected quarters. When in the evenings you are with your friends and suddenly it turns to confession time. Or when you just get tired of everything and fed up and someone just happens to ask you if you were fine. You then decide to just give it straight, I guess it happens when you are drunk too. I wouldn't know. These evenings, these conversations that cement relationships. When you know your burden is not that heavy because you are not carrying it alone. And the most important realization that there is love and that is why you will be understood.

Ah! Our vulnerabilities and fears.
Is it time to stop hiding them?
To take off our masks?

PS - Half of this came from watching the video of Far Away by Nickelback. Don't ask how it happens with me. The only thing I was noticing was that she was waiting for her firefighter partner to come back. Watching the television, following everything. The apprehensions, the fears. A single thing that she wanted. I imagined me there. I was rooting for her. So glad that they didn't kill him off. How I long to be a musician. To create similar magic! :)

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