Saturday, November 14, 2015


Yaa, I know. Dream Diary time again.
So I dreamt that dad was there and he was talking very nicely and normally to me in the kitchen. Like all the questions he would usually asks. I went near him and I touched him and he was so cold. And then I was crying and could barely whimper. I said - They're going to kill you dad, they'll kill you. And then you're not my dad.
All this happened because I realized he was cold. Like I said he wasn't my dad because somewhere I knew he'd gone and this version had to go too. Meenal and mom just looked on helplessly. This killing thing stems from probably what I was thinking of that morning.

But don't take me too seriously. The day before I dreamt my brother's ex REALLY getting on my nerves. So much so, I complained to everyone about what a bitch she was being. And I was shopping at her shop with people I didn't like much and hang out with much back in school!


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