Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sucky-Thing-Go-Away-Er 2! :D

Blowing bubbles. Giant bubbles.
Open fields to run in.
Smugness when predictions come true.
Finding an accommodation you like.
Being the best dressed.
Striking off things on a to-do list.
Sound of bangles
A friend telling you a secret
Being the first to use the new bar of fragnant soap
Looooong phone conversations
Having heart to hearts
Falling leaves. Walking through then! *_*
Old people/people from remote areas getting on escalators for the first time. (They look so scared and excited and cute and hold hands while on it!)
Those moments when obvious (happy) realizations hit you in the head and make you feel free
A grim mouth breaking into a smile. Like seeing the smile form.
Fast internet
Successfully pushing yourself towards doing something you're afraid of
Whenever you remember you're never alone
A quiet fart that didn't smell/ a stomach grumble which didn't make itself heard
Finding company when you think you're falling behind
A very relatable listicle
When you're finally off bad-tasting medicines

PS - A shorter list, I know. Forgive any repetitions. :P

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