Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Competitive Goals vs. Personal Goals

Oh my mouth things are pretty cool now. Although I did go back to wondering how dad must have felt. It was just one part of my mouth and for him, burning in his whole tract. Ptch.

Anyway, I did think about it a little bit and narrowed down my career choices -
1) Become a businesswoman. This means taking up entrepreneurship as a course or better yet, work with a start up. You learn from other's mistakes.
2) IFS officer. Actually its the international relations strategy and the travelling that excites me. So studying international relations and ending up at the UN or shit is pretty cool!
3) Mom and dad's business. Expand it.
4) Studying supply chain management + logistics. Useful for working anywhere as well as for starting your own thing.
5) Other dream course is the Young India Fellowship. Unfortunately, can't get in with my CV.

So, my choices are pretty varied and thus I will have to choose. Can't work on two of those together.

Plus, I have other life goals as well. Like being awed by things, being able to continue as a free spirit - to write, or draw or be creative. Help people along the way. Be like Brandon of HONY. Be well read. Be a badass. Be wise! So many things to beeeee! So many places to seee. So much to do! (oh ya, learn a lot of new things, could be anything like stitching or cooking or driving or mountaineering!)

Sounds all well and good. But you know what's hard? When you are too excited and immature about it, or I am, or when you are in the phase where your dreams change constantly everyday, a new factor creeps in. I call it the 'competitive goals'. You are doing your own thing, you see other people following their own goals and suddenly you figure its missing on your list! And you want that. Suddenly you want to dip a finger in all pies. This is like a not good thing.

Personal goals are the things to prioritize on. Reflecting back and tweaking them from time to time is a must but don't be so quick to let other ripples spoil your calm. Remember your end is important too. Your goals are in your hands. Prioritize and even worse, choose. Choose between them to work on them. Be realistic. Like being spontaneous is not a thing you learn. Its just there or its not. There is so much to be for real!

Maybe that's why decision making is hard. It involves cutting out something that seems important. :/

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