Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Not The Correct Time!

Oh well. This is a bad time to be my mouth. I have this ulcer on the inside of my lower lip plus the skin from the roof of my mouth is peeling. All on the right side. This means my right side is pretty useless. Right side of my mouth I mean. That's what is useless right now. *feels clever *
So I have made this to-do diary thing. Yes, I am already behind. Need to get my bag mended and return my cousins top ASAP. And packing. :/
Oh I miss dad a lot. Lotttss. I think the residual numbness is wearing off and I can feel the pain.
Learnt a dance routine yesterday night. Well tried to! Will continue tomorrow. Much worries about tomorrow. So much work to dooo! Oh man.
Today I spent 135 on a comb. How stupid am I!? Two important lessons I hope to apply in the future -
1) Learn to say no. Very important.
2) Leaen to haggle. Super important skill.
Damn. :/

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