Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back Home

Hi. I missed you.

This is the kind of loneliness I hate.
When the TV is on, when someone is beside me and I have my phone in my hand. This isn't even the definition of lonely.
But don't you worry child. I can't afford to let go! :D

I swear to God that back home, the absence of papa of corner fills every second of time and every inch of space. You can feel him in all the things you do or don't; in all the things you see.

Today, I was given my first official work. From today I am going to go to office daily.

Mom is like on my back about college applications and I am just pushing things away.

I am missing certain feelings, certain sensations but I don't need them.

I can't begrudge people their happy lives. I mean I can, but there is nothing more foolish and fruitless than that.

Bye :)

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