Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The People Diaries - 2! :D

Tanya Anand!

The multi talented drama queen.
Her interests include mock-courting, debating, belly dancing, elocution, drama, singing and painting. Also, watching soaps and movies.
Her unwavering love for Shah Rukh Khan has led her to display her physical strength but very few know of her internal strength - true bravery in the hardest of times.
She gets bored easily only because she is so much fun.
She yearns to know more and learn more.
Silly and spontaneous, the other S that perfectly describes her is substance.
‎"She's mad but she is magic. There is no lie in her fire."

3 words you would use to describe yourself?
Shy but kinda play it cool.
Boring. I like my company more than anyone else's.

What are your biggest strengths?
My failures. Or at least a reminder of them.
My friends when the going gets tough.

Things you believe in or rather live by?
There's no theory such as when you do good you'll get good.. You'll have to grab the good for yourself. Because good is a very busy man. I really believe in this. Also if you do good so that'll you get good - you're a douche.

Your weaknesses?
Procrastination. I love procrastinating. It could attack me anywhere anytime and could make me lose my focus.
Coffee - its both my strength and weakness!
And insecurity. It makes me do weird things.

Insecurity about who amd what exactly?
That I may not be as good as the others - be it intelligence looks or getting along with people. Anything could make me insecure depending on the situation.

Things you can't dream of life without?
There are feelings that I can never let go of. Compassion is one of them.
I can't dream to live a life without dreams as well. I think they give me purpose. They could be as silly as shit but they keep you going!

Things you feel and experience that makes you feel that life is worth it?
I absolutely heart the feeling  get after I finish an entire plate of tasty chicken lollipop. Its better than sex. Just a presumption. I haven't had sex.
Also when I sing my heart out and am then pretty impressed with myself.
When I  paint!

What pisses you off the most? Makes you wish you could change it?
My brother being an ass. I wish I could change his behaviour if not him.
Also I wish I could change the people around me. I wish the people I meet are all like my school friends and not idiots.

What do you want your story to say?
No suit Superhero.

What is that thing about you that you wished people knew?
I want to be pampered. No matter how much I push people away.

What is your reason for getting up in the morning?
To do what I do best. Daydream. And sometimes if I am in a good mood I do something about it. I work.

Goodness or greatness? Why?
Greatness. Greatness helps you to see and achieve a bigger picture.
One always has room for goodness.

Heart or mind?
This is hard. Heart. I really wanted to say mind though. Would have sounded so cool.

Things you'd like to do before you die?
Want to have sex. Oh wait. Have sex with Jensen Ackles. Also I want to be rich. But if I'm having sex with him I would definitely would be rich.

What is a sure shot way of impressing you?
Not being fake and at the same thing being soft spoken and really intelligent. And if you're not good looking I fear your chances would be jack.

Any piece of wisdom which you've acquired that made you think you were growing up?
I started thinking. And that's when I realized I was growing.

PS - Sorry about the lack of commas. Computer malfunction. :/

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