Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The People Diaries - 1! :D

Shristi Kothari!

"You're a fun bubble of happiness and smiles" aptly describes Shristi Kothari.
Anyone who knows her will automatically smile on hearing her name. She will say or do such scandalous (read : funny) things that there is never a dull moment around her. Although you get the feeling that she is such a kid for giving importance to really funny things, once you go nearer, you realize that she has a deep understanding of emotions and great reserves of empathy for what people go through. She is the reason half of her friends have decent pictures. Ever jumpy, hyperactive and a compulsive singer with the widest smile ever, I hope she never stops! :D

Here is an excerpt from a talk with her! :)

How would you describe yourself?
I am fun and bubbly and also pretty paranoid. I like to say I understand people. Sometimes, I form opinions and its hard to change them.

What are your strengths?
The people that I love but they're also my weakness (which has got to stop!)
The way I try to understand people maybe?

Okay let me reframe. What are the qualities you like most about yourself?
I guess that I love meeting new people. Even though I am a little shy at first, I really like to get to know people. Different kinds of people. And I like it if I am able to make someone open up to me.

What's your weakest point?
Waayyy too emotional - it clouds my judgements. Highly indecisive. Overthink a lot. And still finding direction in life.

And the people that you love?
Every little thing they do affects me. I think the amount I feel is intimidates people at times. At that time I feel like I am not enough - enough to make them stay or am too much for them to stay. This leads to my pushing people away which is kind of my biggest fear.

What so you want your story to say?
That I made people really happy. And I earned myself respect. And loads of friends.

What is a recent realization that you've had that made you think you were growing up?
I've stopped expecting much from people. I do still expect a little. But even when people disappoint, I've stopped letting it affect me as much. Like you can do your crap, it might hurt me but it won't break me.
After a rough patch I had, I leant how to be happy with myself. Like not depend on others completely for my happiness. And even though the people I love mean the world to me, I cannot expect them to carry all my weight for me.

So, a lot of good came out of your bad patch?
Yes, there was more good in it then I'd expected there to be.

And you meant you need people but can't always lean on them?
Yes. Everyone has their own burdens. You can't put all of yours on someone else and expect them to always carry it. It sounds bitter but its true - helps me be all right again.

People affect me a lot but I think of this and somehow it gets a little better. I am reminded of how everyone has to carry their own weight. It gives me strength in an odd way.

Have you prioritized things now?
A little. I have the tendency of getting attracted to all the wrong things - things I know I shouldn't be doing but do anyway. So I have learnt to prioritize but I barely implement it in reality.

So what's your number one priority right now?
Stop letting others define my life. I want to live life on my own terms. In my own pace. And stop letting insignificant people affect me.

What is that one thing about you that you wished other people knew?
That I am worth knowing. :)

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