Friday, August 7, 2015

Lessons in Life : From my Sister's Life :P

Just two short things.
First, yes, if you're bad, it catches up witj you. All those people you saw? Gliding through life even when you knew they weren't good? They do pay. It's not a myth. Was good to know. Wonder if its true the other way round too? Like if I see someone not alone or miserable even after many, many years.. It might be true that they aren't actually horrible and I'd misunderstood them!? Does it work that way?

Second, I like advertising as a profession - which my sister is into. Simply because you need to be inspired for it. Every single day. Or it wouldn't work. I think very few professions do that - connect you to your depth. For me, that is a very important life goal - to be moved, inspired and yet updated on all that goes on! :)

PS - We are a whole family again after sp long! :)
Things like they used to be.
I had forgotten how annoying Meenal was but then I came home. I am not kidding. I had actually forgotten. That no good fatass.