Tuesday, August 11, 2015

She Forgot.

The harder she tried to remember
The more she forgot.

She tried to remember what her mother had said
To be a lady with her head held high
To know to speak and when to withhold
Everything with a smile
Showing no signs of strains of her inner mind

She tried to remember what her father said
To work hard and be kind
To be able to touch the skies
To do your best; somehow ensure it was better than the rest
As successful people usually did not have any visible vice

She tried to remember what the Church had said
That God was there
To believe in Him alone
To be righteous and kind
If it was meant to be, the pieces would fall into their places right away
Or else, it was understandably just a sign.

She tried to remember what the school had taught
This list was longest of them all
Be honest.
Be kind.
Polish your shoes.
Be on time.
Do craft.
Study hard.
Know a little of everything to truly shine.

She tried to remember the unwritten norms that she'd absorbed
The sharpness.
The crispness.
The boldness.
The dashing sense of style.
To be fun and to let loose
Never crossing the line over to the vulgar side.

She heard the things that were left unsaid
Caught them with her eyes instead
She read about freedom and love
The beauty of being who you are
Or did you have to tweak yourself a little bit to rise?
She got convinced about the author's arguments that travel was a must to open your mind.
She read about greatness and ambition
And how you betray yourself by your bodily postures and signs
She saw goodness in action and the fruits of potential.

She recollected everything.
Remembered everything.
Compiled a self help guide.
And this is a story of how she forgot.

She forgot to live.