Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy 22nd Birthday Niloufer! :D

(A page from my diary)

I am too late. I had been putting this off since, well, the 8th of October. That was when Niloufer passed away..

Well the thing is I wasn't close to you. But whatever I remember is good stuff. Its was the starting of the college time/days. I was just sick. Because Malavika was kind of shunning me and all. She used to talk to you. So I tried to be friends kind of with you. Eventually that didn't work out what with you and the Khadjias becoming a group. But thank you for every time you did talk to me. It was a moment I felt less sick. So thank you. For those moments where you did make me feel included. Another story I remember is when you told me about your north-eastern roommate - the one who devoted an hour every morning to her hair. Haha. I still talk about it. And also that prostitutes one. Where you guys went on your excursion and well THAT happened. You told me how keenly your guy friends looked on, just staring at them as they lined the roadside! Pattaya was it? Rest all I remember is mundane talk. You sitting in the library with Khadijas doing reference. I used to look at you people and just wonder what was I not doing. The thing I feel most sad about is you had so much planned ahead. You worked shit hard. And it was all cut short. And that you always smiled. Never rubbed in the leg problem and refused to take the lift. Asking me how my paper was. Looking beautiful in that jumpsuit. :) Its already fading away little by little. Which is so wrong. And so i am writing down everything I do remember so at least I have the chance to look back. And remember you. I am terribly upset that it was all cut short. You kind of shook me up. Maybe I too don't have much time. The need to do.

PS - Aanchal tells me that you won a roomful of awards for athletics!? That's amazing. Knew so little about you. Ooh, I now remember a honeycomb outside your window. Or no wait, it was a guy who had come to cut a tree. And also your relative who just suddenly had a baby one day!
I am sorry I didn't come to say goodbye. Or write about you earlier. But I hope its peaceful now. I really do. Amen.

28th August, 2015 - We had this little prayer service. Still gives me goosebumps. I don't know how it gets. Or how it happens. I hope you're happy and at peace and looking upon your family fondly. They must miss you so much. Specially today. Be with them.
Happy Birthday :)

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