Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thoughts in Motion

She was lucky to enough to get the window seat this time.
She loved the winter sun. It didn't scorch. It warmed. Inside and out.
Trains made her aware.

Aware of the distances.
Aware of the love she had left behind at home.
Aware it would still manage to cross this space.
Aware of the many journeys she yet had to take - so much of the distance she had to cover alone.

She became aware of the beauty.
The shimmering waters.
The shining tracks that raced alongside her.
She observed the ground and soon they just became green and brown vertical stripes.
They reminded her of the rings of Saturn.
The  majestic mountains witnesses to so many changes.
Those vast stretches of forestlands with their little huts
Harbouring secrets and stories that would forever remain untold.
She was curious.
Curious to know what the nature all around her felt and thought of them.
Curious about if the trees could speak, would they weep?

She felt like she was in a movie.
So lost, so deep in thought.
Life all around her going on.
She made stories about the people she saw.
She became aware of how absorbed were we.

The music in her ears soothed her.
Brought actual relief.
Pained her, agonized.
She listened to those creations speak of madness and love and the power to heal.
And she became aware of those magical men.
Aware of how they changed the world in their own ways.

She saw the small deserted stations
She saw the little children wave at her as she went by
Became aware of man
How powerful was he
He lived. He survived.
Rightly or justly she knew not, probably even they didn't have the time to care
But there they were.
Settled in far flung lands. Adapting.
Man had built bridges. Such strong ones. Carrying heavy loads but neglected until they developed cracks.
And yet just this morning, she had read of men burning bridges.
After all, he was a product of where he was -
Affecting everything, everywhere he was going to be.

The men sitting beside her had guns.
Rusted ones in calloused hands.
She wondered whether the window was same to them as it was to her.
Whether their eyes saw the same sights.
Whether they too gasped
Whether something this beautiful affected something honest inside
Whether they too wondered how perfectly man and animal had co-survived.
She wondered if she too would be stuck in the same rut when she grew up
Whether the poetry would stop.

She sighed.
There was enough time.
Too much already to worry about.
To just enjoy the ride.
To capture every beautiful image she was blessed with just by peering out
Blended together, they were a beautiful visual symphony.

So there she was.
Alive and aware.
All because of a train ride.

She sat. That's all she did.
And let her beautiful sun whom she couldn't see
Lull her to sleep.