Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Everybody loves them. But have you really noticed them? Seen them?

How they reach for everything. Well, at least try. What they want, they try to get.
How they don't pursue what bores them. No forcing themselves. No second thoughts. Out of mind just like that.
How they get happy so very easily. Play a little peek-a-boo. Or just call out their name.
How they get amazed by anything new. The sights and sound delights them. All the little thing makes them so wondrous about it.
How they actually eat so much healthy stuff. Sure they don't choose to themselves nor do they realize it but its such a healthy and simple lifestyle! Nutritious food and lots of sleep and play. :)
How they don't want for much.
How they don't hesitate to call out when they are troubled.
How they ask for help when they want it.
How they are so innocent and honest. Very few things remain as unblemished as babies.
How they bring happiness and joy wherever they go.
How they absorb and process so much new new every single day. Their minds are like blank, fresh pages. So open and flexible to being moulded and shaped.
How they respond to love and love unconditionally.

There is so much to learn from everywhere really!
Let's be babies again.
Let's be naked again.