Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Introduction :D

Time I got around to give a proper introduction.
Also, I will keep updating this introduction because I have so much to say and I digress ever so often. It's like my favourite hobby.

Hello! I am Khushboo. I am 20 years old. College 2nd year. No clue what I want to do with my life.
When I write, I stop being my awkward self. I plan to never stop writing. Writing is good.
My first entry is lame. But I didn't know what I wanted this to be. I thought to not make it personal, but it's me in the end. I make everything personal. No, seriously. I started blogging for real when I was down and out. Speaking here felt secretive but public and out there at the same time.
I sometimes get affected by stuff and I write about it. And I am also a bit lame - I like all the praise I get, so I have decided to go public like realllyyy soon.
I aspire to be a better person, really. Also, a better writer. To read more, to do more.
I want to see things that will take my breath away and I hope one day I will do so.
Umm, new things scare me a little bit but then life, according to me, is beating the crap out of your fear and doing things anyway.
I find beauty in simple things. This sounds ultra cliched. But I know I can be happy.
I am also conscious that by making this blog public, my freedom of speech goes away. But then freedom of speech never really exists. I mean, you always have to be conscious of what comes out of your mouth because saying the truth always hurts people and all of that area. I figure there is nothing wrong with making it personal if its the good kind, but even that could end up hurting someone.
I think all that is to be said in this world has already been said, just the way of saying it keeps changing.
Currently, I am listening to Chris Martin. I was really devastated by their break-up. Yes, I made it personal again - like it was all happening to me. And no, I am just not accepting that Coldplay might not release a new album. All that is nonsense. Not happening, bro.
I have really horrible dreams. Almost all the time. I don't wake up screaming but recurrent themes include Armageddon, bloody people and my friend dissing me. Weird stuff.
I talk a lot. Smile a lot. Sing even more.
Just got scolded this morning in fact for talking during Math class. Her words - You talk so much. don't you ever feel like listening to the person who is blabbering so much on the other side. But it's pretty easy to drift off in her class. I tried to stop after that so as to not disturb her. I lasted just for 45 minutes.
I am at day 31 out of the 100 days (of happiness) thing.
Brandon Stanton and Sister Flavian are my heroes.
Oh, I am a Capricorn.
I come from Jamshedpur. Jamshedpur be the coolest.
Umm, this evening I was thinking how hating someone back just because they hate you is such a waste of space on the inside. They hate you for a reason but to trouble yourself to hate others is exhausting. I thought about other things too - like how you can be judged for every action. Incorrectly thought how life is a constant cycle of disgusting people and getting disgusted in turn. Haha.
I tend to use 'but' and 'and' a lot. I am trying to rectify that.
There is a lot more but let's not disclose it this way.
I hope you enjoy reading what I write.


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