Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10 Reasons Why

Forget about the deep rooted securities and all of that crap, I hereby present some very real everyday reasons in addition to my previous post why I am a dating challenge!

Gifting - People may deny it all they want, but soon gifting becomes an integral part of a relation - out of the goodness of their heart or otherwise, it just comes in! But its difficult to gift me. I mean I like receiving clothes as gifts but that's just because I need clothes and I am too lazy and bored to shop myself. Accessories are mostly kept unused by me. I use only my trusted backpack which cuts out even purses and all. I like many things, but I don't really belong to a particular fandom. I mean I really pity the people who have to gift me every year. *sigh*

Can't stop talking - You may think your life is important and what you think is important but seriously nothing is more important that what I have to say. Nothing. People just can't fit in all the stuff because I won't stop talking. Also, I just might add whenever I am not talking I am singing. I sing faaarrrr too much by normal standards. I also sing tacky songs a lot. Say a word and I will have a song ready. Or who knows, maybe just make one up. No biggie. I mean half the time I don't even know the correct wordings anyway.

Can't talk - Right about now, you might be thinking that the previous point has some advantages when it comes to introducing to other people. Some things I just can't do, like talking to new people. Want me to meet your friends? Can't talk. Want me to meet your family? Can't talk even now. Just no.

PDA - Let me clarify. I am not a hater. Its okay to a certain extent when other people do it. But, I have only recently realized that hugging is normal. So, you get the idea. And inspite of thinking it is normal, I still can't initiate them. Lol, no. I end up awkward hand shaking.

Unhealthy attachment to things and people - This one is rather interesting. My life and deeds are like an open book to some people. So, umm, by default, everything about you will be shared too. All your gory life details. Be rest assured about that. And as for the things, I call Doodle my best friend sometimes. He was my first soft toy. And I am twenty years old. Earlier, when I was young, I used to feel bad about choosing one outfit over the other. True story. The sentimental value I attach to random things is downright hilarious sometimes. And oh, totally left out my backpack, I carry it everywhere I go. ^_^
The point to note here is I rarely talk of people so fondly.

Constant source of embarrassment - This I can totally be. I point at things, I suddenly talk loudly, I spill my burger fillings. I can even jump on roads, be unaware of all that is hep, wear rubbish clothes and launch into an endless Hindi tirade on how being materialistic is useless from a chapter I studied back in the tenth standard. Also, I liked using the word 'kashmakash' a lot. I am bringing that back soon. I don't know what exactly the Hindi part is doing here. Maybe its embarrassing to some people but mostly I think you are just seeing point 2 in action.

Confused pedestrian - Ever been put off by that confused pedestrian you have tried to pass by but had to go through the left-right-left dance because the other person couldn't make up his mind? I am the other pedestrian. Now if just walking is such a big process to me, think how fast I am with important life decisions. I just can't decide, make my my mind about anything until I go through the whole left-right-left dance in my mind. Imagine now talking to a person who just can't rest his mind and churns the same thing over and over. Annoying, right?

Won't dress up - I am a firm, firm believer in not dressing up for someone you date. Once, or twice maybe. But I think you should always look your worst around them. I can't explain it properly but it goes something like this. If you are dating someone seriously, you kind of plan somewhere in the back of your mind to marry them. Every morning that you are with them, you are not going to dress up. So why bother now? Dressing up for yourself is pretty cool. This is blehh. So, I am going to try looking my ugliest!

Slow eater - I eat really, very slowly. It once so happened that I was dining with a room of people. All of them got up, I was still eating. The men came and swept the room, I was still eating. Another batch of people entered, I was still eating. Waiting for people until they finish eating is good, so, haha you. And no, you can't share my food after you are through with yours.

Overwhelming honesty spoiling other people's jokes - Trying pulling someone's leg or taking someone's case by lying to me, then watch it all go to waste when I spoil it my honesty. It is not good in other ways too. People hide stuff and all of that to protect others and what not. Me? Ask me truthfully and I shall answer honestly. Kills people's moods sometimes, this overwhelming honesty. Makes them feel bad and guilty. Wanna try? :D

Disclaimer - No, I am not sad abou this. Nor do I obsess about it. I just thought about it and it seemed funny! =]

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