Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Office!

So I was totally panicking and worried about my whole internship thing. And I have one advice for myself - give change time before evaluating! The bigger the change, longer the time. Because I didn't like it all that much the first day or the second but I can safely say today it's amazing. No, my works not amazing because I barely have any. But its fun to learn whatever I do learn. :D

Oh man. But they're shifting sir to the other office which suckssss. Sucks soooo muccchhhhhhhh. Basically he is the only one who teaches me things, is super experienced and more importantly super super super super super super funny. All of the office people could have been my friends. But now they're taking the fun away from the office. So here I make super fervent prayers that it doesn't happen. I just.. Our office already went two days without him and everybody was so relieved when he returned. Ughhhh. Oh come on. Someone do something. He can't go! 

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