Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I got my surprise birthday party todaaayy. Yay. :D
Love pretty cakes :)

Anyway, urgent opinion about.. Like I want to write something nice but on like completely plain paper. So is it still okay? If you write good things on bad (by that I mean plain) paper? Choosing coloured papers is a task. Choosing good pens to go with them an even bigger one. White paper is crisp and nice.

I am phone-less by the way. Lololol.

And what else?
Oh ya, so I was catching up on Game of Thrones from Season 3 where I'd left off. So this particular twist seems so not-nice. I had to Wiki whether the prisoner goes free or not. And the things that happened to him made me want to vomit. Too, too cruel. What are we watching in the name of entertainment, again? I mean sure I am a part of it. But its really cruel. He loses his identity completely. I don't want to think about it.

And my new decisions.. Not going so well. Am I not like cut out for what I want to do? Or worse, do I not want to actually do it? Huh. Confusion, confusion.

Let's sleep. Early morning outing tomorrow. :D

Less Facebooking = more time = more in life.

Good Nightt. 


  1. 1. I guess what you write matters way more than where/how you write it.

    2. GOT is gross. It completely takes away your inner calm and happiness and turns you into a.. (It turned me into a depressed person for like a few weeks). People still watch it because it is INTERESTING. I just wished it wasn't this gory.

    3. Facebooking does take away a lot of valuable time. Agreed!! Go watch The Jungle Book. It brings every happy childhood memory into one big screen :')


  2. 1. Yes, that's true. :D
    2. Yepp, realized that now. :/ But I like Arya Stark. :D
    3. I SO wanted to see it and I guess its off theatres now.
    4. I diddd. :D