Sunday, April 24, 2016

Random Update #88744

Hmmm. Summer is killing me a little bit. More than that I am feeling fat and lazy and passive aggressive. Is it.. *gasp*.. too much vacation?

I think I am not made for social media. I jog my memory back to last 3 attempts at PDA and they all seem so stupid.

Life sucks. No I mean all I feel like doing right now is eating the delicious things in my fridge and watch my stomach grow and yawn and that sucks. I can feel my focus leaving my body.. dripping away so fast like idk.

Okay wait. Will try to talk some sense. What did I learn from the newspaper? Battery low = typing fast. US wants to be friends with India, at least for defence purposes. Signed some treaty for logistics co-operation = faster transfer of fuels and materials. Something else that could be abbreviated as DTTT = strategic defense cooperation against enemy attacks + better attack plans as well. Some of it comes as a response to China's growing power (case in point - it tabooing the branding of Jaish-e-Mohammed chief as a terrorist by the UN). Well, this is all I have retained.
Plus, a sad tale of a Kashmiri dad who was tortured so badly for his 'militant' son's whereabouts and then told he was dead and turned out he was in an asylum in Pune. Upsetting news!

Other people your age finding direction in life is a tad bit scary. Very scary. Its all about woohoo-got-into-dream college/course shit now. Why isn't everyone lazy like me? Directionless would help too!? I don't know what I am saying. Congratulations to them! :)
But scary, nonetheless. Wasting time is much more convenient.
I did order some study material and I pray to God it helps.

Also, the HEAT. It burns into your skin even at 8 in the evening. The heat-wave kind of heat. Will I ever do anything? My house doesn't have enough space for my things. Can't unpack which is good because my room doesn't have an air conditioner.

Okay, critically low battery.



  1. The directionless thing is so true! Even though I've got plans, I still ponder if it's the best one. Even after all this studying, if someone comes by and offers to pay me to say, be a food critic, I'd give up everything and flee in a heartbeat. That's how fragile my plans are :P

    1. But, but, but, here's a thought. If you know where you really want to reach and what you really want to be, why not work in that direction itself? :O

  2. I do. But then there are times when I'm a tad bit sceptical about the success rate of my plans. Also, food critic >>> every other plan xD

    1. I meant working towards being a food critic for real. :P