Friday, January 22, 2016

Picnic and Other Things!

Today was the last picnic of my college life. I decided to give cricket a shot today. Such a sucky game. Never got the bat. And my area of fielding never even got the ball. But Shristi taught me to bat later on which is cool - wanted to learn it. Dad was a pretty cool bowler and I forgot what his speciality was though. Left handed spinning I guess. Did show we how to do it with the smiley ball. Haha. :)
I loovee that I see so much of him in my dreams. The last dream was the most beautiful. It was something I had been worried about so, so much.. I am however now conscious of how uncomfortable everyone becomes when I talk about dad. Sooo ya.
Got to apply to colleges and organize my cupboard.
Once you are insecure or afraid about something, does it ever really go away? Or are you really capable of managing to just temporarily numb it?
Seems like nothing good is happening for me. Its a weird thing to say!
Alan Rickman passed away.
13 days of college are left. Can't digest it! Made me want to cry so bad on the way back from picnic. Just when you start accepting and loving a situation, you adopt it as your own, your time is up. It is unfair. I need to reign in my anger and irritation and other weird reactions for these 13 days. Don't want to hurt these wonderful people. Kind, honest, accepting people.
Dr. Debiprasad Duari gave an excellent lecture in my college the other day. About space and solar systems and things. He is so passionate about his work! Isn't it lovely when people work with what they are so amazed by!? He might have transferred his awe in me.
Love people with passion that manifests itself in whichever way - might be writing or drawing or whatever. Good things!

I want something better for myself. Is it wrong to want to wait for the better when you can't even define better? My gut tells me that I should give a shot to things even if they might not be that stable. Lets's see.

Good Night. Too tired. Bye bye. :)

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