Saturday, January 23, 2016


For a long, long, looongg time I used to think that people experienced the same emotions as me. As if there was no other way to exist. I didn't even realize that I thought my way of feeling and seeing things was universal. Anyone with an inch of a brain would know I was wrong.
For a long time, I thought my heart was dead - that I could never accept someone as my own and actually love them. But that too, is kind of wrong. I now know I can love people and it comes out and is sometimes scary that it won't stop. I was actually worried once upon a time that I couldn't form any real bonds!
For a long time I thought loving someone means loving them wholly. But yes, it is possible to love people while disliking and criticizing some of their parts. I think that is the only way love exists. It doesn't make you bad to point out things that are wrong. Love doesn't diminsh that way.

Maybe, just maybe, I am 2% less scared of even saying the word love [that word is just too loaded for my liking] at the end of these 3 years. :)

Edit - For a long, long time I also did think that there is no such thing has dirty, oily hair. Kolkata taught me I could not be any wronger. Hah!

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