Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Evening.

Today is a Sunday evening. And I have no plans.
Its with great difficulty that I get off-days. There actually is a lot of stuff to get done usually but this week I took a lot of self-permitted holidays.
I should be chilling. Putting my feet up. Maybe paint my nails. Organize. Clean.
And all I can really think of is how I wish I could turn back time - to my early days here. We used to go out so often I actually worried about finding the time to study, even right before exams.
I haven't stopped going out. I am out even more late at nights.
Still! Sundays always had plans attached to them. About going places. I remember getting angry once about waking up early on the only free day I had in my first year (even my Thursdays were booked!). But it doesn't matter anymore. Also, Sunday mornings = tuitions. :P
I used to smirk at the idea of other peoples' good times. Even that doesn't matter anymore!
I am my own hero. I go out alone if need be. I do.
Its just.. exhausting today.
Miss my old life so much.
Miss those people the most.
Miss laughing so much.
Miss feeling offended.
Miss being scolded.
Miss the intellectual discussions.
Miss being late.
Miss giving reasons for being late.
Miss having places to discover.
Miss sitting outside.
Miss sharing tasty food.
Miss being a spectator to all the hitting and throwing stones and ringing of bells.
Miss just talking in general.
Miss being a part of something.
Didn't realize what it was. Thought it was a way of life. If it is so, its difficult to practice now.
My other friend leaves me in about two months. She accuses me of not missing her in the future. I think she should just pack her bags and go away then. :/
We will see what has to be done.

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