Monday, March 30, 2015

Good Things That Happen Unexpectedly! :D

You know I am really excited about this when you realize I dragged my lazy ass off my bed and switched on the light and took out my laptop from the cupboard just to type this out.
I truly do believe in goodness and how it is goodness that runs the world. But I always get so surprised when good things happen to me. Like I don't know if anyone else feels the same but its just so surprising!

Let's start with 26th of March, my friend Reshmi daintily invites me over to her place saying let's catch up over lunch by saying how its been a long time since we met and all. So, I wear a pretty dress and go and I see so many balloons and I go whaatt? And it still takes me 2 minutes to realize that I have been tricked into my surprise birthday party. I see the beautiful Aanchal trademarked card I always wanted, the tasty Shristi cake (which just has to be the prettiest personalized cake I have ever received), a new much-needed pair of shoes so that I stop wearing slippers everywhere :P and the perfect food. I even got a Happy Birthday Khush-boobs balloon which floated around my room for a day or two (I really don't know where it is now - probably burst!). But the point is it was my first surprise party ever. And it was perfection. Tuition got cancelled and we played monopoly. I lost grandly. I couldn't really express it properly perhaps but I think the mere thought that I should go hug them should be enough for them to know what it meant to me. And just right now, when I was down, there Shristi was, cheering me up without even knowing what was troubling me when she herself was so upset now. As a rule, I am a listener not a talker with other people, and yet to glean so much about me in such a short time. Just.. Let it suffice to say I didn't think it was possible. There is so much hidden context and between the lines stuff to what I am saying (all in a good sense, of course) but I just can't actually spit, nay spell, it out. Also, there will be nothing left to write in their yearbooks. I never imagined after college, you know, how it would be like. And maybe, I don't want to.

Second is now. I have been actually been mentally weirded out since yesterday. And honestly, yesterday and today morning I hated phones. I wanted mine to disappear suddenly. This time, I decided not to ask for help. I went out to the balcony. The songs stopped, so did my peace of mind. I came in and scribbled and doodled and drew and I mindlessly wrote down many, many honest things. But I had to buckle and text for help or my eyes would have been the size of watermelons tomorrow. I was expecting to be dismissed from all quarters you know, because I have been told time and again how my fears are unfounded. Like honestly, trivialties like not being up there on someone's list could bother me at times. So, you know! Again, surprisingly, I wasn't shooed or shut up. All I needed to hear were those 2-3 lines. Trust me, I felt like a baby going to sleep in her crib by shutting out everything else. I do still worry. But because of this today, there is this ghost of a belief that my worries are very untrue. So thank you best people, if both of you know who you are! ;D

So, today I learnt two new things -
1) Movies are wrong. I was Rockstar level sad but nothing good, nothing new came out of me today. So sadness, not so inspirational always. Goodness wins too! :D
2) So anyone who is having a bad day and reading this, this is for you! Good things will come your way if you are open to them, if you don't hide. In all honesty, you deserve them. :)

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