Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Morning Misery Madness Malady

Lol. no. I couldn't think of more M words to make it longer.
The following post is about why I am late every single day. It was no good making a list of reasons or something because oh well, you will see..

*sets alarm for 6:50 the previous night all the while dancing mentally because this time around I will get an adequate amount of sleep*
Morning - wake up at 6:10, 6:15, 6:26, 6:42. Get super frustrated. Shut off the alarm,
Sit up straight and think today I've got time - maybe I should do my laundry today.
Now that I have time, let me take my phone today in the potty. *What!? That girl is totally stalking me!*
Collecting clothes. What should I wear? What should I wear? Sees two things - A the normal daily wear, the safe option and B is something new. Maybe I should shower first and then decide.
Enters bathroom.
Sees a lizard poo poo. Ugh, I should maybe pour water all over the floor to clean it first. And wash the mug. And the bucket. And the stool. And the tub. And while washing these, the floor must have become dirty again, so let me wash all over again too.
Let me change the song too. Such a non-showery dud song.
Ooh, I took too many clothes to wash. I will be late if I actually wash all of these. Let me select just a few. Which ones? Maybe just the essentials.
Hot water or cold? Too hot. Too cold. Where has all the balance gone from the world? I wonder what's sadder - people feeling sad or people having no one to share their grief with?
I got a new face wash. Let me use that one. But its a lemon one! For oily skin. But its lemon. Smells SO good. I will put on a little bit of moisturizer later. Hah! The packet says no soap. How does it lather? Wait a minute! Are the lemon  and the neem face wash the same? Should check out the ingredients one day, Losers deceiving people. Its probably not the same though.
My feet are so dirty. I hate those black slippers. Transferring all that blackness from their sole to my feet.
Oh my God! I totally love that song. Can't hear it over the tap. Let me slow down the stream of water.
I didn't scrub properly yesterday. I really should do it today. Such a luxury to do all this. Thank God I was up early. Hey! Where is the loofah I had bought 4 months back? Totally need to use it.
*wipe myself dry*
Nooo! Please let this song be over.
Dry my clothes. Hang them. Clip them. Return the tub to the washroom.
*look at A and then B. happens multiple times*
Finally, almost always, settle on A. Oh ya, every single time.
Why am I going to college again? I  am so sleepy its not even funny. That phrase - its not even funny - I have picked it up from college. I have picked so much up from college - chaap, "be cool", stud, V-sign. Wonder what different I would have learnt if I had gone to my sister's college instead.
Wow, I could totally blog about this. Would it be funny? Totally need a to-do list I can actually follow. Oh wait, that's what I will do in the Macro class. What should I do with my future? Can't seem to settle on anything. Too stressful to even think about it right now. Let me focus on studying daily instead. *lol, not happening.*
Hmm, I do have five minutes to drink a glass of milk. I can make it if I hurry. Milk is too hot, too hot. Let it cool in a wide brimmed plate. Can't pour it back into the glass. Spill milk everywhere. Clean it up.
Run to the metro. Think all the time about how I will totally time myself tomorrow. NEED to hurry. Skip bag checking. Just miss my train.
Darn the stupid milk. Always making me late.