Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I only start this because I keep having these weird apocalyptic dreams. I have lost count really. I actually did have a dream diary when I was younger. If only I could decipher dreams! It would be so cool.

So, today I dreamt about a couple I knew that had broken up. Not that its any of my concern because well, all of us are not really friends. We don't even really talk. Let's call the boy B and the girl G. The boy was living in my paying guest (PG) accommodation. We had been told not to enter there ever. I asked my sister if I could please go and make things okay. I especially didn't like him being so sad. My sister said she would handle it and "it too shall pass". I went ahead anyway. And the guy was so mad at me and called me things. He was really sad. I made him a little bit okay. And mind you, I have not even met this guy much in real life. Once, I think. Then I went to G. She was looking like a model in a very pretty gown. She hugged me. And I was scared that B would see me and think I was not in his party. In reality all I wanted was for them to sort out their differences but they could not even decide upon a room to civilly talk in. Then I don't know how but our PG flat had turned to a bungalow. And our landlady aunty, without our permission, was transporting it through a copter right atop the Himalayas. Like we could literally see snow by peeking out of the window. It turned out aunty had taken us there for a Shivratri puja. All of us girls bitched that we didn't want to go and were being forced to perform the ceremony. I distinctly remember there was a calf we were supposed to worship. Everyone was given those red Jai Mata Di 'chunnaris'. Then somehow I went next door somewhere to borrow something. Turned out it was my class five teacher Tr. Shina's home.☺I asked her whether she wouldn't hug me. And Teacher hugged me so, so tight. I felt and even said so much warmth ☺She misheard and thought I was calling the weather warm and I had to clarify :P
Then comes the fun part. The sky started getting pink and thick. Thick and very dense.Eventually all the pink portion of the sky fell down on the Earth. And since we were on top of a mountain, it would affect us the fastest. But what would affect us the fastest? Yes, if you are thinking it was apocalyptic stuff, you are right. The pink Apocalypse stuff grew tentacles. It would soon end the world. We went to help one old man nearby. But then we noticed the advanced stages of the tentacley - a small plant had already grown on his foot. That's when we realized he was a goner.
That is all I remember. *phew* 


  1. Lesson learnt: Try not to be oversmart and always listen to your sister!!

  2. Lesson learnt: Try not to be oversmart and always listen to your sister!!

    1. Lol no. I will remind you about my other dreams. Wait naaaa. :/