Monday, December 8, 2014

She and He.

She was his childhood, his running away from home and school
She was the punishments, being chided for work done and undone
She was the sunshine
She was the 'important' secrets
She was the smile that crept up
She was the sound of the mismatched bangles she liked to wear
She was the innocence many had long forgotten
She was the honesty that shone through
She was the kindness that gave in the blink of an eye
She was the anger that thawed quickly and would never mind
She was not a breath of fresh air, no,
She was a whole new world where he wanted to do everything right
She was the thought that reminded him he was only human
Human, with the entirety of his might.

She was the simplicity which had remained untarnished in this black hole
She was the hope with which she spoke of a better tomorrow, as though unaware
She was the laughter that burst out when it was uncalled for
She was the quiet tears he rarely shed
She was the goodness he felt the need to protect
She was a reminder of the people waiting back home
She was the courage to stand out
She was the mischievous grin before the tickling matches
She was the getting angry before all hell broke lose
She was the sleepy nights spent dreaming
She was not a breath of fresh air, no,
She was a hurricane, a revolution,
She was his childhood twice.

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