Wednesday, December 17, 2014

These probably hurt such a lot. :(

Crippling fear. Helpless in the face of impeding danger.

Chasing after something knowing all the while that it is not yours, not your life. Thinking about it all the time.

Resigning yourself to the thoughtlessness. To the everyday. Knowing you don't want it, but accepting it all the same.

Blind hope. Whiling away lifetimes, waiting and considering. Wishfully willing for a better tomorrow. Smiling but the corners of those eyes never crinkling.

Rotting away inside. Maybe even in the midst of plush spotless white cushions. Thousands of eyes. All watching. Waiting. Not even a pair noticing.

Surrounded by a sea of people. Laughing, talking and making merry. Spending the days talking. Itching, dying, to have a conversation.

Waiting. Waiting to break free. Tethered by invisible chains, them holding you back from the life you want to lead.

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