Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inside Weirded Out Minds :)

She did not understand humans.
She did not understand their cruelty, how they could cause so much pain to each other, how they did not realize the consequences their actions had.
She did not understand what was the need to tell someone or much worse joke about how "bad" they looked, how "unfashionable" they seemed, how they did not have the correct posture and why people didn't feel comfortable living just within their means.
She did not understand power or its necessity.
She did not understand inequality and poverty.
She did not see reason.
She couldn't fathom.
Sometimes, it partly seemed like her own fault.

She had seen love everywhere around her.
She thought it was so beautiful.
But when she really began to see
She saw it offered no respite too.
It was too much power to give to a person
Too much damage if it was broken.

She believed in empathy.
She knew it was true that you could never know a person
If you didn't put on his shoes
But when she put them on, what did she find?
There was too much pain. Too much struggle.
It could make a person blind.
But worst of all was yet to come
For when she cried that the laces were too tight
She found that others had already run.

She closed her eyes and saw this beautiful world
Where people thought twice and were not concerned
About their hair, their eyes, their status - they had no woes
Each had enough
No one grabbed more
She opened her eyes and what did she see?
That she had dreaming for too long
Whatever little precious she had was also gone.

She saw this everyday.
She broke down many days.
She marvelled at all of this.
How there were two sides to everything but one side did not really exist.
Power had no concern.
Loved did not want to love.
Listeners were not listened to.
Broken sometimes preferred to remain forever hurt.

She marvelled at how resilient man was.
How he had adapted and what he had become
To defend himself, to get ahead, in this relentless world
Nay, the world could not be really blamed
For it is just you and me
Who have changed it all, sucked it out
Taken and snatched, left a deep bleeding gash
We became so hollow
From this much sorrow
We ceased to see anything but misery.

She was perplexed and so lost
Everything she loved seemed to have gone
But she still pursued it in full speed.
She had pledged long long ago to hurt no one
And always kept that at the back of her mind.

She stood up.
She fought.
She tried so hard to make it worthwhile
To turn every frown into a smile.
She is still looking
She is still searching
That is the only path she knows -
Fighting the good fight
But there is no end in sight.

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