Monday, December 1, 2014

Today And That Day!

It was the 25th. I don't know why I have this obsession where everything needs to be recorded with its correct date. I went for a walk all alone. I kept walking forward and forward and forward for more than an hour I think. And it was wonderful. Being alone is rejuvenating and relaxing. Specially the area I went to. Just enough crowd to make it seem safe but not suffocating. Just enough light to see but not to dazzle you. All of this with greenery and a hand-pump by the side of the road. But most importantly, I met this wonderful dog. His dog walker was just sitting lazily. At that moment, I don't know why, I just NEEDED to pat that dog. And he came and sniffed around me first. I would keep my hand just within his reach then pull out. He kept jumping until finally he climbed on me. He climbed thrice, I think. It was just the cutest thing. Ultimately, there was a time where I held him by his front paws. Oh, a dog's love. Never asking for anything. Always ready to listen. To cuddle and nuzzle and make it all go away. It's just beautiful and precious. I will definitely have one of my own one day! :)

And why is today important? Because I saw a few sad things. The thing is more I see it around me, the more I read about it, the more I refuse to accept it. So anti unhappiness that my status actually is 'sunshine, daisies, butter mellow' - yes actually has sunshine written on it. I sat and wondered what could make a person say that they were cold and no amount of sunshine could change that. And I looked within me. Looked and looked and looked. And for the first time in a lot of time, I did not find any demons that would make me say that. No demons! :)

I understand when people hurt themselves, I do, As in, its more difficult to change a person's mind. But being miserable because of how someone else treats you? I think we all have enough power to change that. In the end, they are just that - other people. Actually.. as I always like to say, it all boils down to choices. Choosing yourself and your sanity or choosing other people and being miserable (in this case). People, in most circumstances, can choose. The choice in itself is so hard that it honestly can't even be called a choice, be considered as an option. For most of us, its more like nothingness. More on that later. :)

Special Mention - 29th November. I was jumpy the WHOLE day and I am not exaggerating when I say I single-handedly brought up the energy level of our small group. I did it. I made two other people sing continuously, just like I do. People were actually convinced I had fallen in love because I was so happy. Just goes to show how you do not need only that kind of love to make you happy. :P
But the cutest was when my sister called me a happy birdie. Sounds so pretty. I wonder if I come across as a kid to people. I don't know. I am happy if I do!

Good Night :)

PS - Typing things here seems like speaking out into the void where no one can hear me. So, I guess it is not a big deal that this is getting sem-personal. I should probably use my journal more often because writing is good. Helps to think better. Like reading. Oh, I need to read more. Its one of my constant worries that I don't read enough.
Okay, good night! :)

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