Thursday, June 15, 2017


Just because I wanted to say word that was happy and cute. Can words be cute? Clearly, yes.

So, I read somewhere you should write down 10 ideas everyday. Yes, that's right, ideas. Apparently it helps that you allow your mind to think creatively for some time everyday. I tried doing that - but by the end of the day I am too sleepy usually and during the start of the day I am in a rush to start my day. Can't really be creative with a sword hanging over my head.

But the problem with me is reading just too many productivity hacks. More than I can possibly fit in a day. And in the end nothing changes. So rule 1 - take one hack at a time. Because all of them are "good" but none will take away the trade-off. You still have just 24 hours. You got to make sure they are more than just, well, 'just'.

I am kind of glad today. I re-discovered my dream job profile/dream job organization. Working in research with J-PAL. I remember thinking a long way back that I wanted it and today was ogling all about it. Their work gets me very excited. I have a better idea of the fields that interest me that much.

So, this song came on. It is so beautiful. I think about the voices that make me smile and be happy. It's a sad state that I don't devote more time to music when it makes me feel so.

Today I grappled a lot with jealousy. And I am trying hard to get to the root of it. It's​ this weird thing which I have seen in my relationships with people as well - to keep getting better. But well, sometimes, in a weird negative way because you're trying to touch some impossible parameters. I guess that's what sets me off the most - when some people get to touch all of the extremities and that too successfully. It is a feeling of defeat. And I need to change that perspective. My time is all I have.

Gratitude is a good soldier against jealousy. Gratitude and mindfulness and the realization that you can't spend your limited resources on someone else. The realization that it's the circumstances that differ a lot. Hustling is the only thing that can help you. Just that. I think it's also important to remember how far you have come along on your own journey. Can't belittle your own achievements because somebody else turned out to be smarter, faster and (at least from the outside) better at bloody everything else. I read somewhere today that sometimes you tend to attach to the sentiment that a life values more if it's ahead of you. But tell me why? And what is ahead? It's so easy for me to get lost in this maze.

Also a beautiful idea was (this one from The Financial Diet) is to do at least 4 things simulation that interest you. That way you don't attach your identity to that just one thing - mostly your work. Let the things you are passionate about define you. So, next time when someone asks you what you do? Let it be much more than your work.

Life is beautiful. It gives you things sometimes while it is taking away something else. Not always but yes.

Ah, time I became cryptic again for I can be more honest about my own shortcomings than about somebody else's alleged ones.

Let my actions take me towards my dreams.

Good night :)

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