Sunday, June 18, 2017


So this dream was a little different because it followed a script sort of a thing - it felt like the story was pre-planned and we were all just acting it out.

I have forgotten the details but there was this villain and obviously his gang. I was with a family and in the end all of them were dead. It was a big family.

Then he hurts himself a lot with an iron rod.

Oh wait before that two of us escape. Non-family members. And there are 4 gang members. Yaa, so both of us non family members find two policemen. And we take them there and as we are taking them there, I remember the script saying they'll die. So I ask them to bring in some reinforcements. But they are adamant and over confident. We just shrug. At a little distance off, we find the gang members chilling with other people, not making any effort to run. And then I see the villain and my blood chills. Because he's hurting himself with the said rod and his intestines have started coming out - and all this because he couldn't catch us. He was punishing himself.

So again, going back, the reason why he was chasing us. We had given him some documents.

Anyway he spots us. And the next thing we know, he packs his dangling intestines and pursues us. On a bike. Like doesn't give up, not this guy. Apparently he can't even hold the bike handles because he's hurting. And all of this was a part of the script. We saw him in the exact corner we were supposed to.

He then reaches us and says in a quiet deadly tone to give the papers to him. So my friend goes to get the papers. It takes her a lot of time. He is getting impatient. Finally I leave the room to go see where she is. I find her fake stamping those papers! Idk we have fake government stamps. This time duping is about principles. We can't let a bully intimidate us this way. A gang member comes in, sees her stamping, doesn't realize. Gets a little puzzled but walks off.

He comes. Doesn't notice her. Talks to me. About what? I had left some papers in a folder we gave him. It had some accounts and maths and he was explaining why it was wrong. I understood it but kept talking about it to save my friend. I remember having this moment while keeping him engaged where I think oh even the script said to do this, why didn't​ I remember?

Did I mention all this is happening in my house? Like Bhaichand Bungalow house?
Then we all are sitting together as he inspects the documents. He finds a little fault with them. That is when the gang member speaks up and says ya I saw them stamping the papers. He goes wild!

We are caught surrounded by bad people we've double crossed and that's the last thing I remember.

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