Saturday, June 17, 2017

Morning! :D

So, it's 5-16 A.M. and guess what I have been doing for the past 3ish hours.


I love love love love studying things which are not in my "syllabus". Like I swear that I have been so engaged with the content. I barely got distracted and I will not lie, I am finding it challenging. I even want to read the optional material and study the statistics portions. But there's just no time. I want to study everything again.

And got rejected again today. Or maybe yesterday. That is one thing that sucks. Not the mention the very unprofessional behaviour of some other institution that asked me to send in my CV and then vanished - no reply to phone calls or e-mails. Yes I admit it was my fault for sending in the CV a day later than promised. But the person in charge should have informed me.

Delhi feels cool about now. I hope the weather stays as nice today. My view is an empty compound lot filled with garbage. So much wow.

I think I shall retire now. Today was a successful, happy day. :')
Because cold coffee, ice cream, vada and calls and call backs and people I like and an AMAZING meditation session.

Should not let blessings go by! :)


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