Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Happiness Journey - Days 1 to 10! :D

So, I took up the 100 days of happiness challenge. Since, I could not mail everything I felt happy about, I decided to continue over here. Pictures included wherever possible. Does include the stuff I did email them! :)

#100daysofhappiness #day1
Making my reading list. Its right here on this blog!
I sent random messages to random friends asking them to smile a lot that day. [It just read Good Morning! Smile a lot today because you are never fully dressed without a smile :D]
Sending my friends random tumblr images to make them smile.
Making people feel loved.
Singing to people I like.
Tr. Shina (my class five teacher) posted a Happy Birthday and God Bless You on my wall.
Since I had this random burst of happiness, I wrote down a nice quote (Sparks. on this blog) and a birthday message for a day far away :P
Also, feeling a little bit loved.

#100daysofhappiness #day2
When I knew I would pass.
Receiving compliments for my writing!
Singing and wasting my time in the balcony rather than studying.
Writing some horrible shit (really, it was a horrible story).
The bathroom lady came!! As if it were just for me that she came! The joy!
Sighing over books online - they were available at a discount you see.
People telling me that my attitude towards life is chilled which is good in many ways. Well, a compliment!
The farting voice competition and the Sing Like Himesh Reshammiya competition. Haha.

#100daysofhappiness #day3
Aanchal gifting me handmade chocolates - a birthday gift thing :)
She also gave me three pizza slices. Yay for free food!
Watching a really good movie - Gone Girl!
Eating ice-cream sandwich

Aanchal's chocolates :)


Gone Girl

Ice Cream Sandwich

#100daysofhappiness #day4
A really, reaaallly full stomach and dal after so many days.
Rediscovering the cassettes we had when we were children and the songs we sang then.
Afterglow by Inxs on TV.

Yummy dal

Karadi Tales or something

Fun Songs :D

Afterglow :')

#100daysofhappiness #day5
The ice cream sandwich I won over a Harry Potter bet. I mean everyone knows that the snake he freed was not Nagini.
A sumptuous meal. Again.
YouTubing the songs I so loved. Also some third grade Bollywood songs. But hey, its fun!

Bet Ice Cream!


Jamaican Farewell :)

#100daysofhappiness #day6
I was going to walk home alone, not in the best of spirits. Also, had just been looted for a pair of chappals. Met my friend unexpectedly. Met her mumma too who wasn't well but still complimented that she felt good to see me. "Sometimes, you see people when you need them to."
Also, as you might have gathered, new slippers!

Us :)

#100daysofhappiness #day7
Sometimes happiness is making sense of things. Reading Anne Frank's diary helped me realize certain things. Some things we agreed beautifully on. Some things she helped me realize were not wrong with me.
Also, on a totally differently note, I didn't feel the need to prove myself in the right.
Sometimes happiness is letting it be.
[Exactly as I mailed it]
Also, 2 pairs of new jeans!

The Diary of a Young Girl

#100daysofhappiness #day8
Although it is the same picture as yesterday, the reason is different. Happiness is being alive and having the freedom. It is living in this beautiful place and not being tortured. Its about being wise and improving yourself. Its about being lucky and realizing it!
This is the first book completed off my book list.
[Exactly as I mailed it]
Also, sometimes, up in the terrace, if you listen really carefully, if you close your eyes and wait for it, you can hear the silence. Inspite of the crowded city and the main road.

The Same Book

#100daysofhappiness #day9
No picture for today. But happiness is new people coming in and filling a void. Making you feel less suffocated. I cannot express it in any other way. Sometimes, if only you can let yourself go, things happen! :)
Also, a second reason for happiness is my Math tuition. My tutor never ever ever gets angry. Such an infinite reserve of patience. I doubt I could behave as freely and learn as much from someone else! :)
[Exactly as I mailed it]
Like ya, those guys spammed me like crazy and even messaged me a lot to make me okay.
Also, escaped to the terrace a lot. I like it a lot there.

#100daysofhappiness #day10
Feeling less suffocated continues. Thanks to an old friend, this time. She sent me some quotes. I have attached the picture. The "are not" parts are not true for me. But the "you are" parts are so honest. :)
Coming to the realization that I know what is wrong. That's good.
Certain compliments (on my picture this time)

Yes, you are.

This is good too :)
Something I firmly believe in :D

And and and and, I almost forgot. My friend told me my smile was like Deepika Padukone's (who is kind of my favourite actress) and lighted up my picture.
Also solved three crosswords (with help of course) and three jumbles. Jumbles are just the best.

That's it now. :D


  1. Jumble really is the best, isn't it! :D Do you feel better now that I am not there to solve them all faster than you? :P
    Loved the pictures, specially the Not poem.Stole it! ;)
    Also, Jamaican Farewell!! <3 :D

    1. I ALWAYS did it faster than you. :/
      And yes, I know man. B)