Sunday, June 3, 2018

Pick Me Up's

I am a big fan of pick-me-ups. Hence, I like to provide people with them all the time. Little good things. Every single person needs to have a reservoir of these to dip into. All right, not everyone needs it, but it's.. nice.
It was also a little relieving to see zero views after a long time. No, it's not to say that people should stop reading nice things by me, but it reminded me of 2014. Just a random lost girl, processing things, in an old town, misunderstanding people. If I try, I can remember one or two scenes as they happened 'verbatim' if I may. I am happily alone in all of them.
Inside jokes are pretty good pick-me-ups. Oh wow, it took me 10 minutes to realize how the term pick-me-ups also could be used for trash talking.
Ever wonder how we are all going to die? Uh, enoughof that, switching topics.
Started 13 Reasons Why 2. Seemed disappointing after the first season. Would probably show different perspectives but has started off as a weird revenge thing which keeps you guessing more about who did it than the story. Fair warning: only 1.5 episodes in.
Watching a lot of Parks and Recreation lately. Leslie Knope is amazing. Such a good heroine figure for all young girls! As a career woman and even as a person. Sometimes annoying but are not all of us that? Some more than others. Haha.
I think I consciously hurt someone today. Not hurt, made life a little difficult for 2 minutes. Yes, it was "revenge" for something done in innocence (mostly).
What's unfair is not paying someone for their labour and being a miser. If you don't pay for something, don't make excuses and get it done on somebody else's money. Complaining as well, bare minimum of it please.
Guess what I have been thinking about lately? Well, good posture! The only time I have it is when I am meditating. Spine, stomachs all need to buck up real fast.
This place is hot and suddenly there are too many powercuts.
I haven't been able to bring myself to write poetry for a very long time. Completely miss the process.
The YouTube comments on certain songs are so endearing! I don't want to tell you which song I am listening to right now but people there had so many stories to tell.
Battery is low. I shall take thy leave.
Good night. :)


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    1. Yaa man. Binged on it and got so mad that it got over so soon. :P