Friday, May 26, 2017

Naive. Hopeful. Year 2.

You know this weird sudden sensation you get sometimes?
You hear a song or see something and you get transported back to the time you were naive (well, naive than now) and so hopeful. When you were searching for meaning and were full of love.
Do you know it or is it just me?
I can't describe this getting melancholic thing. When something external is controlling me somehow, I don't know. Like I want back the simplicity. And the realness and the depth. The depth that I could never explain and that nobody else understood. The confusion lifts a bit but something else grips.
Just is. :)

So I am probably taking Gap Year 2. It doesn't even count as a gap year anymore no? Does it? It will definitely go better than last year man.

There are so many areas I need to work on. Where I can improve more. Surprisingly, writing is proving to be an asset! :)

Always keep hustling.
That line is my new motto.

Phone interview at 10:00 tomorrow. Triund the day after.
If you're calm enough, you can see the good. Of course you can always see the good, but you can seethe good more.

And now I am missing my family back home. They're the cutest people ever.

 Getting that irresistible urge to disturb someone but I will sleep now probably or go try Koko. Another new thing I fell in love with.

I got rejected by things I wanted the most. But that's fine. I hope I am able to help someone find their direction. Sometimes I ask V Apurva for advice. I wonder if she felt that things would not work out any time? Probably not?
But my main point here is nobody is making an informed choice here. We don't have even 1/2 the information about degrees or opportunities or specialzed streams. The system is a little screwed too. Someone should start telling kids how important knowledge really. And if they are doing it, try doing it in a better way because I doubt the message is getting across. Knowledge is greater than marks or money. It's a little piece of who you are. Sort of. Anyway will end the rant.

We just hope we will land someplace better! :D

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