Monday, January 2, 2017

It's 2017! :O

I don't know why there is the surprise emoji thing because well everyone knew. But well. So, I have been absent around here lately and anyway been all bawl-y and shitty in general in my last few posts.And not to point out the lack of anything new and original. Have to do something about it. Already doing something about it. One of the reasons I am writing this post even though I am still on point potty with regard to new ideas is because superstitions! What you do one the first sticks with you for lifeeee. Lol, no, just that one year.

Let's go through what I did today.

Saw the clock, decided to award myself some more sleep because hellooo, New Years. I could act all cool and say I went to the most cray party ever but I would be lying. Here's where I rewind properly. I had missed out on some things I had been intending to write for the past 2-3 days. I started doing it at night. Spent 1 - 1.5 hours on it. Yes, my first few acts on the new day involved catching up on the past years work. XD
Is this going to happen all this year? Lol, yes. Superstition - 1.

Contacted almost all the important people I could think of. Superstition - has no hold. Kind of forcing this to happen till I die.

Gossiped with my sister. Superstition - 2.

Told her people are shit. Superstition - 3/50 million.

Oh all this was why I slept late. Got up and awarded myself sleep and mom had to wake my lazy ass up. Superstition - Def 4.

Watched lazily and lent a hand once in a while while mom worked. Superstition - 5 big lols.

Dragged myself to have a bath. God , I hope superstition gets a 6 on this one. Really hope.
Even meditated after. Let's hope superstition wins this one too.

Went out to have lunch. Well, I lunches are my least favourite meals at home. Gooooo superstition.

The next part is my absolute favourite. Took my favourite rajai and started a brand new series and didn't even sleep off during it. Treated myself to Dairy Milk. Superstition - 9.
I hope they make Dairy Milk beyond 2020 [What, I believe Internet rumours. Stop judging.]
And okay fine, no rajai in the summer.

Actually made the effort of making a cake which I thought would be a disaster but wasn't. Definitely not doing this throughout the year. Boohoo, you lose.

Dinner fell short and had to cook Maggi. Which will be the story of my life if I end up going to college this year. Superstition - 10.

TV just 'coz I didn't want to pick up the remote to put it off and take off all the plugs. Superstition - 11.

Gossiped with a friend and listened to her stories. Superstition - 5000.

Opened my book. Might have gotten a teeny bit distracted after that. Superstition - always been there on this since 1995.

Wrote this article just in case superstitions are real and added to the belief that they are real. SuperstitionTrumpCard.

Gossiped some more.

Listened to a song obsessively on repeat while working. Superstition - 10000 for just about all the years my hearing capacity lasts.

Hmmm, so my first day was pretty indicative of my whole life. Haha.

Happy New Year! :')

No I still don't know what's so happy about the passing of time but if it adds to your delusion of having a new beginning, cheers! May you do all that you set out to do this year. :))

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