Monday, January 30, 2017

Isn't this what life is like?

We both started from the same trunk, you and me.
Same soil, same sun, same wind.
Time passed we played
Then went our separate ways.

You grew tall and strong. Faced the sun in the morn.
I faced it in the eve
I grew thicker but not as tall as you.
We were hybrids - you and me.
You have birth to pink blossoms, me to green.

It worried me to be so different
To deviate from the face I had given to normal

One day everything changed
A shift in perspective, if I may say
I saw a human pass by
Tried to read the reflection in his eyes

He saw beauty
He saw the big picture
He saw the universe's grand plan
He saw the meticulous interconnections
All of us starting together
Parting but only to create our own stories
And our differences?
Perfection and purpose
To create this sight
Of being unified by the solitary sun.

- The branch that did not want his voice to get drowned out.

Picture courtesy - Deepak Puvvala )


  1. Good stuff! Also, the picture perfectly compliments the writing!

    1. Thank you :)
      The writing was made for the picture! :)