Thursday, November 17, 2016

Random Shit #1737372

This post is going to be just like just random patterns that I have noticed.

Everybody has reasons to worry and be upset. This is a very, very important realization. It can have either or both of the two effects - you become more understanding of others pains and more understanding of your own struggle against pain.

Somehow we even lose objectivity when it comes to bad times. Specially so when you can't uncover a standalone reason for it. I mean if you discover the why you're almost done - either work towards changing it or accept it. And yet, some things fall into neither category. These along with things you can't understand break your head really. And losing objectivity is the worst thing to do because then it feels like its always been there and never gone. That would be a lie. It came back, yes, but it was gone. What if its just a space before good times come again? Like a really pathetic filler. And that's why its important to remember the good things. Not because they matter the most or whatever we've been taught but because these things keep you sane and out of mental danger.

It's pretty annoying but if you take it out, it's half of your life. Not half, but a big part. Lucky are then those who know how to modulate! And also keep themselves entertained always! The brain is a very powerful machine hungry for work. It needs to be fed properly, maintained on a good diet.

Also, you know the passage of time when the tan lines on your feet change according to your slippers. #deep

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