Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Letter to Self?


Since all my recent entries seem like pages of a journal, why not just make it completely that? Lose all semblance to keeping private stuff private and what not!

So, to tell the truth, I have been suffering (correct usage?) from some kind of panic attacks since the past few days. And there are things I have realized from this. So this is like a reminder to myself while also being there as a post. Hmmm.

At the end of the day it all comes down to how comfortable you are within your own skin. Pay attention to what you are thinking. If you don't, things multiply and stop making sense. Don't feed them even sub consciously. Being alone is important so that you can hear beyond your primal fears and doubts. Take time to be kind to yourself because if you are constantly critiquing yourself or teacher-ing yourself, your real voice get drowned somewhere. Get down to the crux of who you are and what you like. Be patient. I read it somewhere that in the movie they say genius is not having the answers but about waiting for them. Also, how we should keep patience with all that remains unresolved; one day you might find yourself living the answers.

Remember that there so many stories to be heard, things to be seen and feelings to be felt and to have faith that it will come in due course. It has to. If you can be accepting of yourself, it becomes easier to adjust to everything else around.

And honestly things will never be perfect. I mean, it is up to you to find perfectness. Take things in your stride and see what can you do to make the most of now. Don't be scared of stressful situations - they come and go. It is all about managing it well. Which you can't if your thinking is already so clouded. Twenties are the perfect time to get your thoughts together and get a SWOT list ready. Be open and say yes more. Know that there are opportunities - you win some and lose some. It is okay if you lose some because if you're crying you can't see the next one.

And there is always love. Even when you think there can't possibly be any - when you think you are acting out, even then. Even when you don't shower. It is just important that you are moving somewhere forward. Everything else is okay. Forward, forward forward.

Also, listen to smart people. As Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy says "Don't Panic." :P

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