Monday, July 2, 2018

Shadow of the Day

So many things you have 'always known' become wrong.
And these facts, they turn out to be assumptions and suddenly you're in the chair questioning and repositioning.

Does it happen all at once or gradually? The man turning to werewolf? That singing veela causing you to lose your free will?
Tell me what is true then. Her enchanting song or your will? The man or the wolf?

The arsenic heavy river is drying up. You're thirsty.
You die of thirst or you die of poisonous water?
Drop by drop by drop.
Healthy water isn't flavoured. It's boiled but it's safe.

How easy it is for the world to tilt just a little bit more. How easy it is to tilt the painting to match this tilted chamber rather than move into your own new world. Or perhaps make a new one. It looks empty and hollow, are we still going to adjust? This new world secured by locks and bolts and knobs.
You wanted to be cheery, so you made all of them look the most beautiful, the most elegant, the most polished.
Nonetheless they remind you, you were careful but your world got robbed anyway. Reminding you to be safe again. Mocking at you for leaving the back door open.
The robbery was small and unnoticed. When discovered, the loss was big.. like money and compounding interest over time. Value was lost. When the world tilted, it also came a little bit closer, ground was lost.

The alchemist was mistaking every shiny object for gold. Could you call him an alchemist anymore?

The mother teaches her child to beg too so that he can feed his stomach. Does that mean there is no love?

If the winner stands alone, has he even won?

Alone. The sun will rise again alone tomorrow. To give. Give to billions. Take. That is what the rest of us will do.

In fact isn't this how the sun gives? By boiling and blowing up? Again and again and again. It is consuming itself slowly in its bid to give.
If that is not right, would you stop taking?

No wait you tell me, the sun is going to grow first. Death is an eventual certainty. So, it's for his own good. Maybe.

Why is there an odd sense of relief when you go in the dark dreading the worst and come out on the side having faced exactly that? Isn't the damage done?

The lazy audience of a magic show outrages on being conned. Why'd they stand there in front of a charlatan with his colourful diversions?

We are afraid in the dark. Why? Murders and rapes and crimes. They happen even in the light. What we can't see, we fear, we can't understand.

The TV blared that the boxer fell down after the fourth blow, the same fourth left hook. ' Unbelievable!' the expert stamps his foot and foams at the mouth. He is boxing since the age of five - his training clearly wasn't his blind spot.

I wish I could tell you more but I have put in new chains, just to be safe.

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