Thursday, October 5, 2017

Free Will

I think one of the most irritating things we face in this life is the gift of free will that other people have. Actually, no. I think we collectively get annoyed because somebody else's free will doesn't align with what we want.
It's stupid how much weightage we can give to stupid problems and how they just increase if we don't grieve properly. And even if you do, you still don't stop feeling it. It just gnaws and you keep rebuilding with one eye concentrating on it not eating you whole.
What can I say?

Let me stop throwing tantrums or at least throw tantrums for something that makes more sense. I am kind of miserable and sad and upset that everyone's gone. Because I was having quite a ball. And for the first time probably, every one involved was unemployed. Not that everything was makkhan smooth. (Got to love makkhan though). But it's okay. Lazying around is also wondrous almost all of the time. Oh for people who don't know and are still reading this random rambling, this includes Deepak, Meenal, Navjot and Samanber. Peeps, peeps.

I fell in love with the actor Siddharth. Yay. He's cool. And I did something stupid as well. Huh.

Anyway it's 4:40 and I am still pissed but I need to sleep. Good night. :)

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