Monday, July 10, 2017

Posting as Khushboo

It's been a busy week. (Finally!)
A lot to talk about. A lot realized and seen. But let me just post as Khushboo (got this right on the second try - auto correct calls me Lisbon. Huh.)

I like my work (duh). But sometimes I feel that I am lagging behind. I will get there but. Tom Rosenthal is my new favorite. I can't yet sing along many of his songs but I love his voice.

Some mistakes you repeat a million times till you actually learn from them. I swear I want to type so much. But I should sleep. Weekend ends. Unprepared for Monday.

I always, always wished to be self contained but I wasn't really. Suddenly I see myself becoming that without actively hoping for it. Things come to you when it's time.

Also need to earn some money. Fast.

Night. :)

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