Thursday, March 2, 2017

#28daysbloggingchallenge #day28

Wow I am at the last day of this thing! So soon!
Today's prompt is - one little word.

What word should I choose? This is difficult! So many great words to choose from. Although the question seems to have been framed in such a way so as to make the most obvious answer love. Or am I imagining things?

Well, this is tough. I have already backspaced a million words. Okay, let's not think that much.. let's choose time.
Time is so flexible and malleable but yet it waits for no one. You can't control it. Some might say it doesn't really exist. If life is a story, then time are the pages of a book. There is always a sequence and the each part of the story unfolds on its very page. You can't force its hand. You have a fixed limit of it. It can even heal things. Such propertis remind me of Fawkes!

And well, here it is. :)

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