Monday, September 19, 2016


I often think about the so many people looking for an "it". I can't define it really - but it's like that one thing people would go their whole lives looking for, that would complete them and then they could finally be truly happy. I guess it means different things for different people - it could be inspiration or beauty or love or job satisfaction or all of the above! Hmm, or maybe everybody goes thinking about it the wrong way. Maybe its just a myth and there is no one key.

And then I found this it in The Fountainhead -
"It is a sense of enormous expectation, the sense that one's life is important, that great achievements are within one's capacity, and that great things lie ahead."

I found this to be really beautiful! Specially when the 'great' doesn't mean great in a general sense, but a personal important to self sense. At the end of the day, this definition of it - this hope and this belief are really important. I am liking this book more and more. It's so good!

On that note, here's to crossing 5000 views. Yay. :)
Thank you everybody! :D

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