Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dearest Deepak :)

I feel really bad now that I didn't write properly to you but then I didn't know you were going forever. So I just wrote you jokes.
Anyway, here we are. I know you must be really busy and all. But I give you free advice all the time anyway.
Firstly, stop crying!! We calculated 12 years today but even you know you'll be best friends even now. You're never alone.
Second, you'll have a blast there. It's a good place. You'll figure out what is expensive and what is not. Again, stop crying. :P
And I know you must be really tired of hearing this but you're an amazing amazing person. Sometimes you are even cute when you are not being irritating. But most importantly, you are a fun person. You know what that means? You'll have a million friends. Everybody loves fun people!
You're going to do great in life. You are already wayyy ahead of me. Don't doubt so much. You'll find your plan. :D (#abkibaardeepaksarkaar ;))
I sachi ka wish all your big king sized dreams materialize and you do what you actually want to :)
I will try and keep sending you lame jokes time to time.
Don't become a stranger.
I like having knowledge of everybody's lives.
I hope you find somebody new to annoy even there.
Do susu potty time pe. Varna you will get kidney infection. And giant poop formation problems.
Man. Don't go.
And remember what I sent along with the birthday thing? That promise me you'll remember wala paper? Remember that always. Get it tattooed if you have to, I don't know.
If you do not talk to me.. I will have to hit you like a carrom goti. This time I will practice and come so that it hurts for sure.
Just take care, okay?
Don't find trouble and go to college. Learn whatever they teach you. I hope you have interesting things to look forward to.
Bestest of luckk. :)
You're still EMT. :D
(Yes we should find you a new name Deep Poo).
Don't drown in Arabian Bay.
Write to me toooo.
This is thoda sad now.

Bye. <3 :)

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