Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is important!

You. Yes, you.

I don't know who you are or what you are going through.
But please don't lose your strength.
You can fight it back.
I know you can. You are still standing. You survived yesterday. And the day before.
Probably you have nobody who listens. But if there is somebody, anybody who understands. Please talk to them. Please do. People sometimes love you more than you give them credit for.
Get up. Battle it.
Because I am on your side.
I can't promise that I can always help but I will listen.
I will try.
I am truly sorry that you had it this hard but don't beat yourself up.
Sometimes that's just the way things are.
One day you won't feel this way.
One day you will be able to put it behind you.
One day there will be just the scars.
And you will be proud.
You will know you gave it your all.
You are supremely important.
Please never ever ever think otherwise.
You are beautiful through and through.
And I feel for you.
I do not say these things lightly.
Probably I can not even begin to understand the magnitude of what you are going through.
Have the courage.
Remember there is so so so much love for you in this world.
It may not seem like it right now but there is.
In the end they will not matter when you see how far you have come.
You have to get up so you can make others stand on their feet too.
Just think how much amazing that would be :)

I felt it really important to tell you this today.
I am there for you.
And here is a warm hug for you. *tight hug*
Never feel alone.
I know that it sucks so bad.
I won't lie. I don't pray much but whenever I do, I will try and remember you.
I hoped this helped.

Please be okay.
I hope really really hard that you make your peace.
It's you.
Amazing, beautiful you.
Important you.

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